I have been charged twice Share

Please contact our support team and provide as much information about your payment as possible. We need it to have a better ability to identify your payments. Firstly please realize, what payment gate/method you have used, if final transaction confirmation was executed via PayPal or Cardinity. 


Then please, the information which would help us are as following:


PayPal payments

  • RoxiVPN email
  • PayPal Transaction ID
  • PayPal email (under which is your Paypal account created)
  • PayPal receipt screenshot (sent after transaction to your email inbox)


Credit/Debit Card payments 

  • RoxiVPN email
  • 4 last digits of your credit/debit card
  • Card holder name


Please note, in some cases we may ask you for a further photo/screenshot proof of your transaction. 


Hit the Chat or E-Mail icon on bottom right corner to let us know about your issue.

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